Monday, December 10, 2012

Give Yourself A Break

Finals week can be one of the most stressful weeks during a collegiate's career as an undergrad. This year I've planned ahead so I don't have to cram - and I'm loving it so far. Sure, I do have a fair amount of pre-test jitters, but not total "the world is ending" anxiety for my upcoming exams. I am in no way slacking on studying and have spent a majority of my time awake in the library for the past few days. After coming home from a long day of mental activity, all I want is a break.

Today I indulged myself with a fresh coat of nail polish in the Sephora by OPI shade "Almost Famous". It is a brownish gold polish which glistens in the sun - but isn't a glitter polish (so it won't wreck your nails). I also enjoyed a package of seaweed. Seaweed gives you the crunchy, salty taste that your taste buds are craving, but is is SO much healthier than a bag of Lays potato chips. A package of 12 sheets of seaweed is only 35 calories! As my mom would say, "BONANZA!" While I waited for my nails to dry I also found a new website - which I can tell is going to be an obsession - Unabashedly Prep (Props to @collegeprepster for tweeting the link)! The site features prep fashion looks from young men and women. Right now, Carly Heitlinger of College Prep is on the front page, go check it out.

What do you do to reward yourself for hard work?


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