Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12: 12 Holiday Gifts

Happy 12.12.12 everyone! In honor of the last repetitive date in history, I wanted to share the cutest 12 holiday gifts any girl would love to receive. The featured gifts range in price so there's something on this list for any price range. Enjoy!
1. I'm loving the initial bangles from C.Wonder. If you've never been to C.Wonder, check out the website. It is a whimsical store of preppy perfection. Any fan of anthropologie or J.Crew is sure to love anything from the website.

2. Burgundy is so in right now - especially for winter. Gift the gift of beauty in a tube with this Bobbi Brown matte lipstick.

3. Does anyone you know always end up tipping at Starbucks because they hate keeping coins? Maybe they'll think twice with this cute coin purse by Kate Spade.

4. Cute pajamas will make anyone's day. These Liberty of London printed pjs are to die for.

5. Thank you notes are so much easier to write with cute stationary. Plus, you'll get a cute letter in the mail for gifting the cards!

6. Animals are SO in right now - who wouldn't want to rock a bulldog on their neck? This necklace is just too cute.

7. J.Crew makes the cutest accessories, and I'd love to have this bow keychain jangling along with my car keys.

8. Tory Burch makes a foxy phone case that any girl would love. A bit preppy but still has that jewel tone.

9. I've never tried julep nail polish but I've read rave reviews. Plus, I'm totally looking to add a deep blue to my nail polish collection. You definitely want to get compliments on your new nail job, and whoever you gift this set to is sure to!

10. Add some spice to the bedroom with a preppy pillow. I'll cuddle up in bed now please and thank you.

11. BaubleBar has the best statement necklaces. I'm loving the rosegold chain link trend.

12. If you don't own a Tervis tumbler you're missing out. Give the gift of hydration to a friend. 

What do you think is a cute holiday gift?


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

4 Preppy Footwear Essentials

Any preppy girl would love to have the following staples in her wardrobe. I'm especially lusting over the Stubbs & Wootton slippers... in my dreams.

1. Flats are so versatile - they can look great paired with skinny jeans for a night out on the town plus they are great for the office.

2. L.L.Bean Duck Boots - Great for rainy and wet days when you don't want to wear knee high Hunters.

3. Stubbs & Wootten Slippers - I will one day add these to my wardrobe, however the priceline ($400) is definitely out of my current collegiate budget.

4. Riding Boots - Wear them with skinny jeans, tights and a skirt, tights and shorts, or even a sundress. What's not to love?

What are your footwear essentials?


Monday, December 10, 2012

Give Yourself A Break

Finals week can be one of the most stressful weeks during a collegiate's career as an undergrad. This year I've planned ahead so I don't have to cram - and I'm loving it so far. Sure, I do have a fair amount of pre-test jitters, but not total "the world is ending" anxiety for my upcoming exams. I am in no way slacking on studying and have spent a majority of my time awake in the library for the past few days. After coming home from a long day of mental activity, all I want is a break.

Today I indulged myself with a fresh coat of nail polish in the Sephora by OPI shade "Almost Famous". It is a brownish gold polish which glistens in the sun - but isn't a glitter polish (so it won't wreck your nails). I also enjoyed a package of seaweed. Seaweed gives you the crunchy, salty taste that your taste buds are craving, but is is SO much healthier than a bag of Lays potato chips. A package of 12 sheets of seaweed is only 35 calories! As my mom would say, "BONANZA!" While I waited for my nails to dry I also found a new website - which I can tell is going to be an obsession - Unabashedly Prep (Props to @collegeprepster for tweeting the link)! The site features prep fashion looks from young men and women. Right now, Carly Heitlinger of College Prep is on the front page, go check it out.

What do you do to reward yourself for hard work?


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Currently Obsessed: KIND Bars

So today I think I spent a combined total of 10 hours in the library today. What's great about U of M is that the Law Library is actually so pretty that I don't mind studying in it - plus it gives me a great reminder of what I want to do when I'm older (which is law!) The Law Library is the quietest on campus and is always packed during finals week, so I knew that when I left that I was going to have to give up my seat. But what happens when hunger strikes?
No fear! KIND bars are here. Not only do they meet my dietary needs (gluten free), but they are made out of all natural ingredients and are very tasty. These are not a meal replacement, but they are good when you can't go and get food for a while (like I was stuck in the library). Today I had an Apple + Cinnamon Fruit & Nut Delight KIND bar and it definitely hit the spot. This bar was a healthy option and gave my brain the protein it needed to keep working. I'm going to try and eat very healthy for the next two weeks - hopefully the extra brain power from healthy eating will show on my exams!

What are your favorite finals week snacks?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

collegeglitter LOVES: VS PINK for Michigan

The epic rival between Michigan and Michigan State commences this Saturday in battle between Mich and Little Brother at The Big House! Literally everyone is talking about the game. Tailgating will commence at 8AM. The game starts at 3:30PM. This Saturday is sure to be crazy!

Have you seen the adorable Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Collection for University of Michigan? If not, you should check it out! I'm on the Street Team for Michigan and I LOVE to wear all things PINK. I'm especially a fan of the blingy baseball cap. The collection also has college collections for other well-known schools.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Go To Outfit

So I apologize for being MIA since the beginning of the semester. To say that I've been busy is an understatement. Here in Ann Arbor it has been getting to the low 50s high 40s already and I have been going to my closet early in the morning and seemingly picking out what I am going to call my standard outfit for fall! All of the items pictured above are from the JCrew Factory Store online. (Love it!)

What my everyday Fall outfit includes:
  1. Button Up: Either denim chambray shirts, blouses, or a plaid shirt
  2. Denim: I really like going with colored denim if I'm wearing a plain chambray shirt to add color to my outfit. If I'm wearing a plaid or colored button up, I'll generally stick to khaki, black, or navy denim.
  3. Vest: Right now it is too chilly to not wear a vest. As soon as it gets colder I'll be pulling out my NorthFace.
  4. Riding Boots: I have similar Tory Burch riding boots that I am obsessed with. They look great and make my outfit look even more put together.
  5. Starbucks: Yes, I have become addicted to Starbucks like every other college student. I have to walk by a Starbucks every morning and I think I've become like Pavlov's Dog. I HAVE to have my Skinny Vanilla Latte or else I am simply not awake!
What have you been wearing as we transition into true Fall weather?


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lecture Hall Ready: My First Day of Classes Outfit Options

Sorry for the lack of posting everybody! I have been packing to head back to school and have been really busy. Okay, so I really want to wear a cute outfit to my first day of classes, but the problem is that I am going to be required to wear some sort of navy tee (whatever they design) on the first day of classes. Luckily, I can accessorize it however I want. Below I am including a navy t-shirt just so you girls can visualize what it will look like! I'm including two options because I want to wear shorts, as it is probably going to be super hot walking outside a far ways to class. The shirt I have to wear is probably not going to be as cute as the striped navy and white tee pictured below, but oh well! Here are my two options:

1. Navy Tee with paired with lace shorts and Tory Burch flats for a girly and feminine look. The lace shorts I own are from Roxy, which are no longer sold online. I found similar Spanish Lace shorts from Free People. The scalloped Tory Burch flats I have were bought from Nordstrom Rack are very similar, but the dipped toe is also a dark blue/navy color.
2. Navy Tee with JCrew Chino Shorts and Superga sneakers for a more casual and sporty look. I thought the coral shorts would be a fun pop of color. 
I would probably wear both of these outfits with my tortoise shell Michael Kors watch (Similar here) and a cute bracelet or two to complete the look. No statement necklace is needed because the shirt will have a logo on it. I am thinking of wearing my Tiffany's necklace (Tiffany Notes Letter "M" Disc Charm).

What other options can you come up with for me?


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lecture Hall Ready: How To Meet New People

Getting shipped off to college can be stressful for any girl. You have to say goodbye to your besties, your family, and maybe even your hottie bf. But, with my tips on how to meet new people, you won't be sad and lonely for long. Finding your new crew might seem like a daunting task, but in college many are open to talking to and meeting new people. As they say "One friend's silver and the other's gold".

  1. Hang out in a common area. Many dorms have lounges where you can study or just hang out. Don't be afraid to talk to a stranger as long as they are alone. There is no "stranger danger" in just saying hi! You don't have to give too many deets about yourself. If you start getting deep into a conversation, ask the girl/guy if they want to hang out later!
  2. Get involved. Some of the best friends I have are from joining clubs, Greek life, and exercise classes on campus. If you join something you are interested in, you will make automatic friends with whoever else is involved in the same organization. My campus has so much to offer! You can join a philanthropy, a social club (think fashion mag on campus!), or Greek life to make many new friends.
  3. Don't be afraid to give compliments. Imagine it is your first day of class and you spot a girl with a super chic outfit as you are walking into the lecture hall. Don't be afraid to go sit next to her- in college there are no assigned seats. Chances are she is nervous too and will be super stoked that you liked her first day of class outfit. Who knows, giving a compliment could make you your new bff!
  4. Hang out at coffee shops. In my experience, you will run into a ton of people at Starbucks! You never know who you could meet.
  5. Always be positive. Nobody wants to be friends with the kid that looks super nervous or upset. Just try to look happy, even if you ARE super nervous! Smiles are contagious and often times people feel more comfortable around you if you look happy.
  6. Make friends with the people on your dorm floor. During the first days of moving in, leave your door open AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN THE ROOM. Leaving the door open allows people to stop by and introduce themselves. If nobody does, you can go from door to door introducing yourself!
  7. Have a whiteboard on your door. You can leave little messages telling people to visit you, or if you want to be super bold, leave your phone number for people to text/call to get together.
  8. Go to some parties. You don't have to drink, but you will meet all kinds of people! But first, be sure all your work is done for the week before you head out with your new friends. 
  9. Have your new friends introduce you to their new friends. Chances are you have things in common!
These are some of my tips for meeting new friends! I am going to try and use them more myself this year as I am looking to make new friends! How do you introduce yourself? Comment below!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lecture Hall Ready: College Grocery List

I'm sure some of you are already thinking "Oh I don't need to buy food I have a dining hall meal plan!". Trust me when I say you WILL get sick of eating the same selection of foods every day. At many of the dining halls at Michigan, there were not many healthy choices. You were basically left with eating either a salad and a side of pasta, or a sandwich on WHITE bread. This really frustrated me that they rarely had healthy bread. So, when you get sick of attempting to eat healthy in your dining hall, here are the foods I think every college student should have in their dorm room. Remember, I am gluten free so I  am only going to show you some of the gluten free items that I like having!

  1. Raisins. I prefer the pre-packaged ones because I can grab them on the go, and because I know exactly how many calories I'm eating.
  2. Peanut Butter. If you are going to buy peanut butter for your room, make sure it is the reduced fat kind. You can't tell the difference because it still tastes great, and you are sparing yourself the extra calories.
  3. Gluten Free Bread. You can make peanut butter sandwiches for any easy lunch or dinner on the go.
  4. LARABARS. I posted about these in the "What's In My Backpack Post". You can take these on the go for when you are studying and don't have time to get up from your spot at the library.
  5. Potatoes. Yes, I know you are probably thinking this is weird, but potatoes are great! If you have a microwave you can cook it for about 6-7 minutes and have a baked potato. Plus, you don't have to refrigerate them so they can sit in your room in a little baggie.
  6. Sweet Potatoes. Same goes for these, you can cook them in the microwave for 6-7 minutes and have a baked sweet potato for dinner. YUM!
  7. Apples are great for when you want a brain boosting and healthy snack. Plus, they can actually clean your teeth and give you better breath. 
  8. Unsalted Cocktail Peanuts. I like the unsalted kind because they are less fattening. Although you can only have about a fistful of these, they are filling for a snack and can be brought in a little ziplock bag for when you are on the go.
Ramen is also a college essential, but is unfortunately not gluten free.

What do you keep in your snack stash? Tell me in the comments!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lecture Hall Ready: How I Stay Organized

The upcoming school year is approaching very quickly for me and probably is approaching fast as well for many of my readers. I wanted to share with you how I stay organized. Being organized can lead you to have more free time on your hands. Although it may seem like a pain, if you try to keep things organized every day you will end up cutting off lots of time rather than if you had to play catch up organization. Some say being organized can even lead you to score better grades in the classroom. You will also be viewed as someone who is responsible and can handle large tasks if you stay organized. Why not try to re-evaluate your organizational skills before the upcoming semester? Here are my tips to help any girl on the go stay organized and Lecture Hall Ready.

  1. Get an agenda. I can't say this enough! You also have to actually use it. Make sure your planner has a page for the view of the month (Monthly Calendar) as well as pages that have a space for you to write out your day (Weekly Calendar). What I do to keep myself organized is I write down big events for each day on the monthly planner along with the time I need to be there as well as the location of the event. For example, say I just booked an appointment at the Hair Salon  for Thursday. I would write in the box for Thursday the 16th: "Hair Appointment @ WorkThatUpdo Salon- 12:00PM". This gives me all the important info I need and allows me to write down other events in the box if I need to. For the weekly part of the calendar, I write  down the homework I have due for the next day. If it is a big project, I will write down the project on all days a few weeks before the project due date. This gives you time to work on the project for 20-30 minutes at a time instead of cramming it all in in a 4 hour sit down at the library. Not only will this rush you, but you may do a clumsy job on the project because you didn't re-read what you are submitting. I do this the same for tests, writing down "Study for _____ midterm/final" for 2-3 weeks leading up to the test. This will allow you to plan time to study instead of Facebook stalking the hottie you sit next to in Bio lecture. If I use up too much room on a weekly day spot, I put a post it note on it to "continue" the page. That way all your info is still on one day! My favorite planners are from Lilly Pulitzer (Shown in picture). This year I ordered the Jumbo, which is about the size of a notebook. It gives me plenty of room to write down all my info, and I can actually see my writing instead of having to write super small because the agenda is smaller.
  2. Make a To-Do List. I like to use my Moleskine notebook to write down everything I have to do for the day. I write down the date and write what I have to do line by line. It makes me feel accomplished when I can put a little check mark next to what I have done. If you make a list of what you have to do you won't waste time because you will be able to organize your thoughts. 
  3. Have a place for everything! If everything has a spot in your room, your room should always be looking model-home ready. I have so many little bins to put things in, and it makes my room look so much more organized. You can leave a few things out in the open such as your school books on your desk or your blanket on the end of your bed, but basically everything that isn't decorative should be put away. I like to keep some of my nicer jewelry on display on my metal tree jewelry display (shown in picture). However, that should only have around 5-7 pieces on it, or else if begins to look cluttered.
  4. Check your email regularly and gather important information while keeping your inbox organized. Most of what I write down in my planner comes from emails. Often times emails will be sent months in advance if there is a big event coming up and you need to save the date. MAke sure once you read the email to write down the date immediately so you don't forget. Once you read the email, move it to a specific folder in your inbox! Nobody wants to have to sort through 1,000+ emails and sort them. I am great at keeping my school email organized, but I currently have to sift through over 1000+ home emails into files. I am not perfect, and this is something I hope to get done soon.
  5. Clean your room everyday for at least 5-10 minutes. At the end of the day before you go to sleep, put away things that may be sitting out. If you ignore the things laying out, the next day more will be messed up and soon your college dorm room will look like a disaster. Breaking up clean up time makes it seem like less of a daunting task to clean your room.
  6. Make your bed. When I make my bed I feel that much more organized for the day. 
I hope these tips help you stay more organized! How do you not forget any important dates or daily  things to do? Comment below!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Lecture Hall Ready: Organize Your Closet

Hey collegeglitter readers! Today I am going to teach you how to organize your college closet. Many times the closet we have at school is much smaller than our closet at home. I am currently in the process of choosing what I can take back to Ann Arbor with me in the Fall- such a hard decision! I feel like I buy so many clothes at home but then I can't even fit them all in my luggage. Anyways, let me get started on the closet essentials every college fashionista will need in her first, second, third, or fourth year. All of these items can be found at Target!

  1. The first thing that is essential to any college closet is hangers. You don't want any of your pretty knits, blouses, or dresses to get wrinkled by folding them and putting them in the dresser (Most college dorms will come with a dresser). Although I did not have Huggable Hangers last year, I would most definitely prefer having them. You can get a 40 pack of them for around $32 at Target. Last year I had the regular white plastic hangers, but in my closet at home I now have Huggable Hangers. You can save so much room with these, plus they are nice and velvety, meaning your clothes will not slip off. I wonder how much more clothes I could have fit if I used them!
  2. The second item you will need in your closet is hanging shoe storage. Although we would all love to have shoe racks in our closets, most college dorm rooms do not come with a shoe rack. So, to maximize space, hook this hangable shoe storage unit onto the pole in your closet. If you have way too many shoes (Like I do...) you could use the hangable shoe storage for your smaller shoes (Think flats, sandals, etc.) and keep your heels for partying in a box either on a shelf, under your hanging clothes, or even keep them on display in your dorm room! I kept my nice heels on display like a shoe store and whenever my friends came into my room they thought it was a fab idea. 
  3. I would also recommend hanging jewelry storage. If you closet has a door, hook this onto the door using a Command hook. I didn't have this last year either, but I will definitely have it in the sorority house this upcoming year. You are more likely to accessorize when you can see what you have out in the open instead of having it in bins. However, if you have high end jewelry (Tiffany's, David Yurman, etc.) don't put that on display in the hangable organizer. Although you'd like everyone in college to be your bff and not steal anything from you, not everyone can be trusted. So keep those expensive pieces either hidden in your secret spot, or invest in a Dorm Vault.
  4. The fourth thing on my closet shopping list is foldable canvas storage bins. These can be put on shelfs to hold such things as scarves, mittens, hats, sunglasses, or even shoes. If you get them in fun colors they will also add the "pop of color" to your room!
  5. The last thing on my list is large flat bins. These are great to put on the bottom of your closet to hold sweaters, sweatshirts, and maybe your winter coat. They are stackable so you can have more than one. If you don't have room in your closet and your bed is lofted, these are also great for underbed storage.
What do you have in your closet that keeps you looking fashionable and organized?


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lecture Hall Ready: What's in my backpack?

It's back to school season and I have been getting excited to pack up my things and get ready for the trip back to college. So, for the next week, I will be posting college related posts about school supplies, how to stay organized, and library ready fashion! First, I will be teaching you all how I pack for my classes every day. Every collegeglitter reader must pack smart when heading to class because often where you live (dorms, apartment, house shared with friends, or sorority house) is a little bit of a walk to main campus. You don't want to end up having to waste valuable study time by walking all the way home because you forgot a charger (trust me, I've had to do this). You also don't want to have to pay for snacks on campus because often the store is either out of your way, the food options aren't as healthy, or they are way overpriced. Packing ahead can save you the stress of midterms or finals when you don't want to get up in fear of your spot in the library getting stolen. So I decided to help you all and tell you what I bring daily. If you end up using any of these things, they need to be replaced by the next day!

  • Backpack: My backpack is similar to the Victoria's Secret PINK one shown below, but it is a black canvas backpack from ROXY with a tribal print on the front pocket. What I look for in a backpack is something that will be able to hold all of my books, agenda, laptop, folders, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. The backpack should also have a side pocket where you can put a drink such as water, a pre-bottled latte, or your thermal coffee mug. This PINK backpack meets all of my requirements. I looked at it in stores, and not only did it seem sturdy, but there is plenty of storage space as well as pockets. 
  • iPad: Last year I brought my 15' macbook Pro to class everyday, which as you can imagine, was pretty heavy. This year, I may try bringing my iPad (Mine is the original iPad with no camera) to class to take notes. I'll have to get used to the typing, as well as not being able to have more than one application open, but hey- at least only having one application open will keep me off of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon, and keep me paying attention in class.  I put this in the large pocket of my backpack.
  • iPad Cover: I am loving this Kate Spade iPad cover. Not only does it keep the iPad protected, but  allows your iPad to look chic! Unfortunately this is only made for the newer generation iPads, but I have a Marc Jacobs sleeve for my iPad that I love as well. Bottom line- get something to protect your iPad!  I put this in the large pocket of my backpack.
  • Earbuds: When you are trying to tune out your bff to ACTUALLY study in the library, you are going to need earbuds. Not everyone wants to hear Carly Rae as you jam out and finish your Spanish journals. Also, even if you are not a fan of studying and listening to music, you can put them in to drown out the noise of the library. Even if you study in a "silent" library, chances are you will still hear binders opening, footsteps, and people typing. This drove me nuts last year, so having earbuds to put in when I wasn't listening to music still allowed me to concentrate. My favorite are any color pink SkullCandy earbuds. These aren't that pricey and last a long time!  I put these in the front pocket of my backpack.
  • Notebooks: Although I type all of my notes electronically, it is nice to have a notebook to jot down important information such as office hours of your professors on the first day of class. I also prefer to write down my To Do lists for everyday and then put a little check mark next to the "To Do" things once I complete them. Making lists make me feel like I am accomplishing something as well as keeps things organized. These Moleskin notebooks are a bit pricey, but they come in a variety of colors and are very quality.  I put these in the large pocket of my backpack.
  • Chapstick: My favorite chapstick is Softlips, hands down. I tried switching to Nivea for the summer and it is okay, but I still prefer Softlips. Having chapstick readily available is especially important for the winter when your lips get chapped. However, I always have about 2 or more in my backpack because they always seem to disappear. You should wear some sort of lip protectant almost 24/7, and this vanilla Softlips has SPF 20! Winning!  I put this in the front pocket of my backpack.
  • Hand Sanitizer: I'm somewhat of a germaphobe, and when you are in college you will be touching a lot of door handles going to and from class. Hand sanitizer will be your BFF. My favorite are the mini hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. They are around $1 each and smell amazing! One time I even had a glittery-yes I did say glittery- cupcake smelling hand sanitizer. They don't sell that one anymore, but I do love the scent warm vanilla sugar.  I put this in the front pocket of my backpack.
  • Lotion: In the winter, or after washing my hands a lot (since I'm a germaphobe) I desperately need some hand care. Luckily L'occitaine, a french brand, makes the BEST hand creme ever. It is SO moisturizing and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy like lots of other cremes. Make sure you let it sit for about 5 minutes though, or else you might get it all over your electronics.  I put this in the front pocket of my backpack.
  • Gum: You should always have gum available because you never know what cutie sitting next to you in lecture hall you might have to say hi to. Also, you don't want to have halitosis talking to your new professor who you'll be needing a letter of rec from when the semester ends. You always want to impress someone when you meet them, so don't smell bad! Luckily I don't have bad breath, but sometimes when I don't eat for a while I feel icky so chewing gum helps. My favorite is Stride mint gum, but it has a really powerful smell, so I only chew half at a time.  I put this in the front pocket of my backpack.
  • Pens and Pencils: This is pretty standard to go in any backpack. I prefer gelly rol pens in black from Pentel, and #2 Ticonderoga pencils for taking scantron tests. I put these in the front pocket of my backpack.
  • Water: You should always have a water with you to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will actually make you feel more awake, less bloated, and less icky if you had a bad night's sleep. My favorite is the large sized Smart Water. Although it is a bit more expensive, it makes me feel smart (silly, I know!). I usually stick this in the side pocket. 
  • Nutrition Bar: If you start to get hungry on the way to class, or you are stuck in the library and don't want to get lunch, this is what you will eat! I am gluten free, so my favorite are Blueberry LARABARS. They taste like dessert and are great for when you want a meal on the go. These aren't meal replacements, but they are good to eat when you are too busy to make a meal.  I put one of these in the front pocket of my backpack.

What's in YOUR backpack? Tell me in the comments below!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stormy Saturday

Here at collegegliter I am longing for the days until I am back in Ann Arbor and I can enjoy a good stormy night in. My Twitter, as well as my Facebook, always blows up when a good storm comes in, and over the past few days in Ann Arbor it has been thunder and lightning like crazy! I love when it rains because I can be lazy and throw on a cute rain jacket, a tee, and my ran boots. I am a big fan of Burberry (See a similar pair of mine here) as well as Hunter boots (See mine here). I chose some cute pairings of rain jackets and boots below, all from the Nordstrom website. Happy storming!

 Do you LOVE or HATE rain? Tell me in the comments below!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Friday: Madewell

TGIF! I have decided that every Friday I will be showcasing one of my favorite stores with select pieces that are cute for any girl's wardrobe. First up is one of my favorite stores of all time, Madewell! I first fell in love with the quality made apparel when I visited the Soho, NY store about 5 years ago. Each and every time I visit a Madewell store I always find something that I HAVE to buy - their pieces are so unique. Of course, the brand is known for their denim. I have lilac, coral, and black jeans all in my favorite fit- the Skinny Skinny. Madewell has also teamed up with labels Herschel Supply Company, G.H. Bass & Company, and  [BlankNYC] to offer specially designed Madewell items. Below are some pieces I shopped online for that I would love to add to my closet for the upcoming season. 

Do you have a store you love to shop at? Tell me about it in the comments below!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toe-tally Obsessed Thursday

As the summer winds down and fall is rapidly approaching all I can think about is the pretty browns, cherries, and purples I will soon be able to paint on my nails. Vampy colors are always a sure hit during the colorful season of fall and I always seem to find the most gorgeous fall colors from polish co Essie. I have chosen five Essie nail polishes that I would love to have in my Caboodle nail polish collection! Most of my polishes are from 2 or more years ago and are starting to either get chunky, or just take much longer than 15 minutes to dry to the point where I do not think the polish is in a consistency to apply correctly. Any excuse is a good one to go out and treat yourself to a new polish, and wouldn't it be fun if you and your girls each bought a polish and you made it a night in of Gossip Girl, popcorn, and mani-pedis? Sounds like an excellent idea to me.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Waisted Wednesday: The Maxi Skirt

Creating a longer leg is as simple as 1-2-3-maxi! These skirts are high waisted, making your legs appear longer, and even come in multitudes of patterns, prints, and colors. Not only do they look fab paired with a simple white tee, lace top, bandeau, or sweater, but these skirts will dress you up for any occasion. My top picks include a mustard and olive chevron print, a textured peach polka dot print, a pleated cobalt blue see through maxi, a black and white rugby print, and finally a floral maxi print that will make you crazy for this ever-present trend. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trinket Tuesday: The "Arm Party"

On every girl's arm lately has been a stack of sparkly bracelets. This stackable trend doesn't mean your arm has to be full of a stack of real gold or silver bracelets. To achieve the perfect "arm party", you can shop at stores such as Brandy Melville or Forever21 and find bracelets that look like they were worth way more than what you really paid for each bracelet. Below are my top picks to stack up daily for a bold statement- right on your arm!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Must Have Monday: 4 Tops for Fall

I have been looking for some staple pieces to update my wardrobe to make the transition from summer to fall style simple. Below I chose 4 pieces in colors that are right on trend including a button up long sleeved blouse, a leather peplum tank, a motorcycle jacket, and a chunky sweater that will keep you looking fab and fashionable this fall. These pieces are also great because they can be paired with dark wash skinny jeans, neon/bright colored skinny jeans, boots, corduroy skinny pants, and even skirts for fall! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Studded Sunday

Lately I have been loving the studded trend, especially since Fall is right around the corner. Check out my top picks below which include a to-die-for Free People iPhone case and the ever-so-lusted-over iconic Jeffrey Campbell sneakers.